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Health for Summer

Summer is often characterized with so much heat hence care should be taken so that you do not get dehydrated or dry and broken skin. Exercising in heat puts stress to your lungs and heart. Exercising with high temperatures increases your heart rate and raises your body temperature. The body normally adjusts on its own. But if the body is exposed to heat for long, heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heatstroke can occur.

Drink at least 16 ounces of water every 30 minutes before exercising, during and after. There is need to get outdoors but before doing so, list the activities you will be involved in and schedule them appropriately. Establish a network of friends to support you on your way to getting a good shape. There are people who may try to sabotage your success so you stay away from them. Keep in touch with everyone who has your interest at heart while trying to keep fit. While training, you should keep a training program that will help you keep your records. Tracking your records helps you to stay focused and allows you to make an assessment of what works for you. It will also enable you to assess those activities that are not working for you.

Eating is important so, remember to eat frequently but in small quantities. The more times you eat, the higher the metabolic rate. When the metabolic rate is high, more calories are burnt. 5-6 meals should be taken a day to ensure adequate burning of fat and adequate intake of nutrients to build muscle. You should be creative in a way to change your eating and social habits. This promotes your lifestyle changes. Instead of sitting down to have a big lunch, prefer to pack a lunch and take a walk. While enjoying the walk, sip a drink or snack on a fruit. Patience is key so that if you have not exercised for some time, you do not expect to see some change in just a week. Have your focus on your daily activities and others will follow.

It is also necessary to breathe while you exercise. This will allow enough oxygen into the system hence more endurance. This means that you will be able to do more. The most important thing is to love your body. We are all created in a unique way and love comes from within us. You should learn to love yourself from within first and appreciate the fact that you are created uniquely. Love the inside beauty more and do the best you can to exercise and eat right. Summer is a moment which is mostly looked forward to every year. It is for this reason that you should relax and enjoy all the activities that come with it. Do not exercise in the middle of the day but wait for the sun to secede. Wear sunscreen to prevent your skin from burning and always have a back-up plan. Know when you have had enough and seek medical help in case of any eventuality.